Your Raving Fans!

by | Jul 21, 2021

The 11th July. Now that was a big weekend.

The tension, the build-up, the nail-biting finish and the disappointment.

But enough of Wimbledon….

Yeah, who am I kidding, it was all about the football for me that weekend.

For others though it was the tennis.

Now if you are footie, tennis or some other pursuit, whatever you do there will be a bunch of people following every move in that arena.

They’re called…

Raving fans.

Attracting raving fans isn’t just a sports thing, it’s smart for your business too.

They defend, support and love you.

And in turn, bring others along with them.

Now the great news is, you don’t need to be able to fill Wembley or even Centre Court at Wimbledon to achieve the kind of success that gets your business noticed.

Just a hundred or so raving fans will do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to getting your brand out there.

Tom, I get that my friend but how the heck do I do that?” Is possibly what you’ve just shouted at the screen.

Rather than reel off a list with the pros and cons of each, I’m going to cut to the chase faster than Federer to a net shot. It’s…

Mascot Toys.

Your clients love a physical mascot toy that lets them connect their experience to your company.

And once they feel connected to you and your brand then the love and support from them follows.

Rather quickly, your marketing connects emotionally in much the same way football can move a nation.

If you’re ready to have tens of thousands of raving fans scream the name of your company then let’s talk.

P.S. – Save those flags you footie fans, the world cup is coming soon!