How do I win back my customers?

by | Jul 8, 2021

Have you noticed how companies act differently given the same set of circumstances?

At the first sign of trouble:

– Some companies hunker down. They close up shop and hope for things to blow over.

– Others, well, they carry on as they did yesterday, as they did today, as they will tomorrow.

– Yet more, start getting to work straight away, they plan and respond – they up the activity levels and do more.

Which companies do you think fare best in a headwind?

Cast your mind back to the lockdown of March 2020 (only for a second, don’t worry).

Like everyone else, we were unsure of what was going to happen, how long we’d be stuck inside for and exactly what this meant for business both big and small.

Now, as of time of writing, it certainly looks like – fingers crossed – we’re heading in the right direction to regain some sort of normality.

One thing however, stayed the same throughout this whole ordeal…

The number of businesses that wanted toys.

The ones that came to talk to us, many of them had a plan and were responding with an idea of how custom toys fitted into their strategy.

They’ve done extremely well over the last twelve months.

While we’ve been banging the drum about emotional connections with your customers since time began, there’s never been a moment that highlights just what we mean as much as recent months.

People have lost touch with human connection.

Large amounts of the population rarely see friends and family members, businesses haven’t exactly been at the forefront of most minds.

They lost connection with you too!

Eroding your efforts over the last few years including much of what you’ve worked so hard to build with your audience.

But, all is not lost.

In fact you have a golden opportunity right now.

A little bit of effective marketing activity with a plan right about now is going to help your business here.


Memorable merchandise.

Anything someone would pick up and immediately think, ‘ah yes I really enjoy X product’ or simply, ‘that reminds me, I really should sort out X’, goes much further than you might first think.

Even a simple, ‘thank you for being a customer’, puts you much further into their thoughts.

Why does this work so well?

When people started working from home en-masse, the world headed even further into the realms of digital only marketing.

Inboxes flooded with promotional emails, making every attempt to make any sales they could.

How many of those emails get read –opened even? Those of you that ran your own tests during this period probably got the same results – staggeringly low.

Now let’s look at a few successful companies that fared well; Octopus Energy, AO, Compare the Market – all of whom sent out huge quantities of plush toys, because it helps people to connect with their message, their offering, their company.

Mascot toys make people look at what your business is doing.

The people then take you to heart.

How many people do you think go with insurance from Compare the Meerkat just to get that toy?

It’s thousands!

Then, they go back to them again the next year to get the next one – you’re giving people marketing that  truly connects and in turn they want to do more with you.

If you take one thing away from this conversation, there’s a way to leverage a small amount of activity, with a plan, to connect with your audience and there’s never been a better time to reach out than now,

Ready to “market smart”?

Let’s connect.

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