Why buy Custom Toys?

by | Jul 6, 2021

Creating a warm fuzzy feeling in your clients can potentially make you tens of thousands of pounds.

My boss has just moved into his new house and it reminded me of this fact.

It’s a lovely road, but like many streets just outside a city centre – parking is a nightmare. There’s no off-road parking on his road so he decided he would sacrifice some space out front in exchange for a driveway.

He shopped around and found a reputable company, not too cheap, not too expensive, that could provide a good service at an affordable price, and work soon began.

They didn’t mess around.

In no time at all the driveway was fully functional, providing a convenient little pocket away from the car riddled roads.

Did I click the wrong link? I wanted to read about Custom Toys?

Well my fellow internet user, you’re in the right place, because what I’m about to share with you is the reason why the builder is going to be rich and how you can harness the same power too at a fraction of the price.

When my boss came to pay for the installation of his new driveway, he was handed the bill – exactly the price he was quoted, fantastic. But, before he could say anything the gentleman who installed the driveway – let’s call him Jeff – said he could have £200 off the price.

No real reason.

Jeff does this for all his customers as a quirky sign-off to a job well done.

That day, the boss drove into work incredibly happy, not only did he have the assurance of a parking space upon his return, but he also saved unexpected money in the process.

One happy customer.

That’s good business!

See, although Jeff took £200 less then he would have initially, he’s budgeted for that loss in every quote. So he’s not out of pocket as such. But the clever bit… next time anyone needs a driveway in our office or beyond, chances are – Jeff’s getting that business.

Jeff understands it’s not just about the job.

It’s about leaving your customers with that warm fuzzy feeling, like they’ve just won the lottery or found a £20 note in an old jeans pocket.

Just like every business should strive to do.

Now that’s what makes Jeff great at business.

We work with lots of companies, big and small, many of which plan these grand marketing campaigns, right down to the finest granular details.

In the end it all comes down to the same thing at the core of all of them all.

Connecting to their audience with that warm fuzzy feeling.

But, even the big blue chips don’t usually have bundles of £200 per client to throw at their clients in one go like Jeff.

They think strategically about creating that warm fuzzy feeling for less than a tenth of the price that Jeff spends.

Take the latest project we’ve recently finished with AO as one example.

At time of writing, if you go over to twitter and look up #AObear, you’ll be met we huge amounts of pictures of kids with their bears, the AO bear appearing in different locations and tactical engaging marketing to go along with it.

It’s a campaign built around the same principles that Jeff uses to have his customers remember him – it’s just making people happy. The selling is taking care of itself.

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