What is a Custom Toy?

A Custom Toy is a bespoke, built to order unique piece of merchandise for your brand.

Most people choose a plush soft toy or a vinyl figurine as their Custom Toy. You can also choose from a keyring, action figure, doll, squishy or a resin collectable. When you talk with our team, we’ll discuss with you which type of Custom Toy is right for your business.

When we create your Custom Toy, we use your corporate colours and branding. This means that your Custom Toy is unique to you and represents your brand and business. Every element of your Custom Toy is designed to order. This makes sure we create a Custom Toy that captures your ideas and message.

We know that people keep toys… sometimes forever. Your brand message is kept by your customers. It isn’t instantly thrown out like other promotional products. That’s the essence of adding a Custom Toy as a key marketing asset for your business.