Are you a children’s book author or illustrator and want to take your book further? Well here’s how you can; why not turn your beloved children’s characters into custom plush toys? This could be a good move if you are looking to progress your book further, for instance, it’s a great marketing tool, having characters made into plush toys will draw the attention of both Children and Adults. By incorporating a soft toy, you could be adding extra value to your book as well as gaining vital exposure for it too.

With something like this, you could either release a book and then offer a soft toy as something extra for people to buy, making it their choice or you could present your book in a box that clearly shows the plush toy with it so it could be sold as a gift set – appealing for those who are after the perfect gift. It’s simple really, 2 gifts in 1, who doesn’t want that?

I’m not trying to sell you anything, don’t panic, I’m simply trying to show you more options available to you to help sell your book and become a success!

When it comes to marketing and selling a service, many companies look for the most effective way of marketing, and one of those tools that are becoming more and more popular, and that is, offering free items to customers and at events with their organisations branding, I mean, you don’t just give anything away if it’s to sell your company, do you? No. So it may need branding so that it serves it’s purpose to link back to you – and soft toys with branding are proving to be very popular and people love to share their finds from events on social media! Funny that, people love to take selfies with a free soft toy and post about it – modern day is a weird thing huh?

Anyway, on a serious note, back to the books, I think everyone loves to see a children’s character come to life, so what better way to do that than actually bringing it to life, something for the child to hold and interact with whilst reading a story, it doesn’t just bring the character to life, but the story too!

As previously mentioned – if you were looking to create a soft toy to sell separately, you could look at creating a whole range of soft toys if your story has more than one character, why not turn it into something fun for children allowing them to collect each character? Children’s stories can be magical, so why not get in touch and see if Custom Toys UK can help bring your story to life.

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