Putting the ‘Fun’ in Fundraising

by | Aug 9, 2021

Charities and other not-for-profit organisations have been around for years helping those who need it most.

From the miracle of birth to the sadness of death throughout the whole of our lives there are charities set up to help those in need in every way imaginable.

It is truly a commendable achievement to dedicate time, effort and resources to helping those in need.

One I think we all appreciate and applaud.

But how do they do it?

How do not-for-profit organisations manage to pay for it all?

After all they still have staff, rent, admin and virtually all the costs more traditional companies have with the added expense of all the outreach they do!

Firstly, and arguably most obvious, is the generosity of the public.

Many charities rely on donations from normal people whether by direct debits, sponsored runs and events or just one-off donations there are loads of ways for the public to help.

Secondly government grants, trusts and funds.

Whether this be a government led programme or sponsorship, a trust set up by a wealthy benefactor or a fund like the National lottery. These revenue streams can allow charities to have access to large sums of money for a long time. Unfortunately, with so many charities out there access to these isn’t guaranteed.

Thirdly Business Partnerships.

Increasing numbers of private companies are now eager to have a charity connected with their name. Usually this takes the form of sponsored events and encourage staff volunteering. With many charities in recent years actually creating businesses of their own all the profits of which go back into the charity.

Finally shops and merchandise.

We are all used to walking down our local Highstreet and seeing charity shops a plenty. These shops aren’t just there to give us all a great bargain they really are a vital part of charities incomes. Most rely on the donations for their stock and volunteer workers. With all profits feeding back into the great work the charity does.

We here at Custom Toys UK have had the privilege to be able to work with loads of charities helping them with their fundraising!

Whether used to spice up events, sold in shops or given as a thank you to businesses and people donate a bespoke toy is a great way of adding a little fun in to your fundraising! 

With a bespoke design you can create a toy that perfectly represents your charity, with Childhood Tumour Trust receiving this feedback:

“We’ve just handed Patches to our daughter. We explained how he has NF1 & has similar skin markings to her. She quietly began to cry. We rushed over to see if she was OK. She said “I love him. I just love him & he is my friend”

A true example of the difference a bespoke toy can make!

It raises awareness but it also builds much needed funds enabling the charity to help more people.

With the trust SELLING 50 A DAY!

With a margin of just £15 a toy that could make your charity,


If you would like to chat with us about the power a custom toy could have for you we will be happy to oblige.

If you have any questions about a project you’re cooking up. Or just can’t wait to get started, hit the button below!