Here’s a little challenge; name five brands from the top of your head, I bet the majority, if not all, have a brand mascot? I could be wrong, but I know the five I came up with all had a mascot: Ronald McDonald (McDonald’s), Tony the Tiger (Kellogg’s Frosties), Monkey (PG Tips), Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Ms. Brown (M&M’s) and finally, Aleksandr the Meerkat (Compare the Market)

Using something that is visually attractive will definitely catch a person’s eye, using visuals as a way to promote a business is a no brainer really, to get attention, you need to stand out and be memorable, and that’s exactly what mascots and characters do!

Mascots that have been given human aspects, in other words, have been ‘humanised’, helps to connect the company brand with the customer, as it is something familiar to us as humans. Having a connection with the mascot is important because you find it’ll start getting used further as a marketing tool and become more recognized, for example; animations and playful edits can be created and shared on social media.

A mascot, most importantly, is to help communicate your brand’s values and aid understanding of the benefits of a product, an example of this would be the company ‘Andrex’ the use of golden retriever puppies to promote their company, but also to enhance the main selling point of their product which is that their toilet paper is super soft hence their slogan; “huggable softness”. This is a very important aspect in order to use a mascot/character to their full potential and use it as an effective marketing tool.

Essentially, having a mascot is a more gentle way to sell a product; it’s less forced upon the target customer and is used as a fun, discrete selling tool. They often help people remember a brand a lot easier and can be gradual persuasion for customers towards the company brand.

The best thing about a mascot is that it lends itself to a bunch of other marketing strategies which can also make you’re company money – they can be animated, turned into a story, made into toys and collectibles and so on…

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